Are you a passionate, creative-professional woman, who has chosen to take time out of your career to invest deeply in raising your family? Me too.

Welcome to Create, Perform & Mother.

This space is for you, to encourage you in this challenging and beautiful season to:

Keep sight of your creativity : See where you are still using and sharpening your creative skills in your daily life.

Keep performing in the gaps : Find ways to make meaningful work in the space you do have available.

Keep growing confidence in your identity as a creative mother : Deepen your level of connection, playfulness and presence to your family, by being true to the person you are becoming.

I’m Cassie and you are so welcome here at Create, Perform & Mother.

I am a wife, mother of 4 (+1), Jesus follower, professional actress & singer, writer, home-educator, poet and coach.

I am convinced we shouldn’t have to compromise our time spent wholeheartedly raising our children in order to continue developing as creative professionals – it simply takes being willing to find new rhythms of working.

I want to encourage you to keep growing in your relationships and creative skills in the space you have, to find new fulfillment in the shape of daily life, and learn to trust the process and value of meaningful work-making in new ways.

The more we deepen our sense of being present and understand connection, the more fully we will accomplish this.

I look forward to cheering you on.

Blessings, Cassie x

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“There is no nobler career than that of motherhood at its best”

-Elizabeth Elliot

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