Reflections on a long-term relationship…

Ok, so this is my first ever blog, begun after my husband kept urging me to write one.
I am a mother of two (currently my full time occupation), trained as an actress, wife to a wonderful man and totally sold out for Jesus, something that began with a conscious decision at the age of nine, and has continued with various ups and downs in my faithfulness over the past twenty years.

I think it is frankly amazing to be able to get to the present day and honestly look back, knowing that despite some less than godly choices at times, I have never stopped talking to and inviting God into my life.
He has walked every step with me, and I have been sure of his company and of his love for me.
In fact one of the best pieces of advice my Mum gave me, (whilst in the thick of a season of bad choices) was to continue to keep the communication lines with God open, “because he would rather be a part of your life, even when you know that what you’re doing is wrong, than be kept out.” She also pointed out that if I was to wait until I felt that I was fixed up and presentable before going to him, I’d never go back. She was right and I was smart enough to heed her advice.

This year it was therefore both a surprise and delight to realise that we have been in relationship for twenty years. Twenty years since the best decision I ever made when I decided to follow Jesus.

It is a cause for celebration, as I have seen him move in my life on countless occasions and have been continually blown away by his faithfulness and love,  especially since my efforts to love him back have been so much less than perfect.
Praise God for his grace, because I know that when he looks at me, he sees the glory and perfection of Jesus and not my shortcomings. I cannot tell you how liberating it was when I began to get my head round THAT!

I would say that despite the cost of following Jesus, and in some ways the choice can feel very costly, it is nothing compared to the peace of being secure in his love and the adventure, joy and rewards of surrendering my life to him.

Besides when you come right down to it, there is no life apart from Jesus, and he paid a hefty price for me to gain so much. Here’s to the next sixty plus years on earth, with a beautiful eternity to follow.