To my darling girl…


I want you to know just how much I delight in watching you grow every single day.
From the moment you wake up and I hear your little voice from next door calling out “Mummy cuddle”, I melt at the thought of seeing your beautiful face and spending the day in your company.

I can recall the wonder I felt at holding you in my arms late that first night in the hospital, after four and a half days of labour, completely awestruck by the miracle of your life. I remember singing song after song to you to make you feel safe, because I knew you would recognise the sound.

My feelings of frustration when you wouldn’t sleep paling into insignificance by your smiles, and sharing moments gazing deep into each other’s eyes served to send my world spinning off it’s axis with love.

Over this past year and a half, I have seen you grow and develop into an affectionate, tender-hearted and confident little girl, who walks excitedly down streets, keen to discover everything available. You are saying more and more words clearly, but still revert back to the eloquent baby-gabble which better expresses your more complex thoughts with an intent so committed it causes me to marvel at what you must be thinking.

Your sweet and generally kind behaviour to your baby brother, apart from the occasional frustrated swat, is so touching to see as you gather him up in your arms, resembling more closely a headlock of affection, moves me deeply.

And those moments when you suddenly feel vulnerable or fearful and stand, stock still, staring at the floor, as if wishing everyone would disappear and leave you be… or when you have had a bad dream and wake crying, or have taken a tumble after a more gutsy leap of faith… I have the privilege of gathering you up into my arms and holding you close until you feel secure once more.

You are bold and brave, kind and funny and above all have been given to your father and I to nurture and watch grow. We are so proud of you.
I cannot express my gratitude that God has blessed us with you.

All my love,
Mummy xxx