Heart of Everything


Rain tumbles down the windows,
Blearing the image of the outside world
So that I cannot see.

Dark, wet and uninviting,
Cacooned in a duvet seems the best place to be,
Even if it is because I feel unwell,

Children in my ear, restless and clingy –
Can take their toll.
But before I roll out the sympathy requests,
I’m struck by the gift of them,
How blessed I am to have a growing family,
Such an answer to my prayers.

Aware that this time is precious,
Fleeting even,
I determine to revel in their exuberance.
Seizing every moment of their company, and
Committing to memory
Each expression of surprise,
The arch of an eyebrow-
Raised in cheeky enterprise,
Conscious of her comic timing
Delivering the desired effect.

His infectious giggle turns up the corners of my own mouth,
Three of us laughing uncontrollably at each other,
For no obvious reason-
Is the stuff of life spent together.

Free to enjoy each other,
The four of us hope to increase in number-
Allowing the laughter to multiply,
Expecting His goodness to follow.
It has never taken a vacation from abundance before.

So whilst I bury my tired, groggy body under the duvet,
I will not fret
That the rain yet stops me escaping the house-
But instead
Will focus into the warmth of our hearts-
Our home.