Pornography – a poem

This is a developed version of a poem I wrote years ago, I think it is even more pertinent now.


It’s an assault on the eyes,
The mind,
And it’s everywhere,
Twisted, screwed up, dehumanised,
Abstract and removed,
Melted down, but collecting only the

Open a paper, a magazine,
Even a book sometimes,
On the television,
In the shops,
On a billboard –
No, wait –
on almost all the billboards.

The music world especially
Slits our eyes across the middle,
And open to bleed, they do,
Until we can only see through

No clear picture anymore, all tainted.
But this is normal.
A regular daily occurrence.
It has both a clarity and a complete
Fogginess about it, that makes
Things hard to read,
And eventually,
Corrupts and taints us.


Now in miniature
On our phones
Aimed at our babies,
For easy grooming.

Palm-sized portals to
our tiny innocents,
Who know no better,
But find themselves drawn in,
Without warning,
In a web of confusion,
Depravity abusing them,
Using them as they grow.

You see we get a hunger
For it,
And the pushers –
Will just keep pushing,
Until we are all so sick,
We can’t crawl out of the swamp.