Man of my life.


My husband is utterly wonderful.
I have been blessed with the kindest, godliest, most loving man I could have asked for.

Today I hit a bit of a wall- I ran out of energy, patience, emotional stability (although thankfully this only manifested in a bit of a weepy phone call and a voice slightly raised in frustrated caution, when my son attempted to crawl head-first down the garden steps- I stopped him) due to being under the weather with feeling sick and exhausted.
So my amazing man came home earlier than planned, fed the kids and let me sleep until 4pm when he had to return to work for the evening.
I am so very grateful.

He is tired too, and we are counting the days until we have some proper time off- it will have been almost six months coming.
Needless to say we need a break, but I also recognise how good God is and how well marriage can work when we pick up the slack where the other is struggling.
It’s not about being legalistically and exactly even about what we do, but in sharing the load and carrying one another forward when our legs give way, trusting God to supply the energy when our reserves run dry.

His act of kindness and support to me this afternoon, meant that I could recover a little and then be better company for my children, and subsequently the dinner, bath and bed time routine went very smoothly, despite doing it alone.

My beloved man does a great many things like this. Despite his tiredness or mind being occupied with a thousand and one things, he makes time to play and be with his children every day, and is a fantastic father. He helps with the endless housework, cooks alongside me and cares for us in the tenderest ways.

I love him. And thank God for him every day. May God also bless your marriages and families, and give you his unending strength when you don’t know how you will even face the day ahead. He is always faithful.