To Trolls Foreign And Domestic

Thanks for stopping by,
But I didn’t ask you to stay.
You are welcome to look in,
To see what I have to say,
But if you don’t like it,
That’s fine –
Don’t stay.

I have ideas, vision,
Which matter immensely to me –
But I don’t expect us all to share,
Or even care about the same.

I am not ashamed,
Just convinced –
Hence the commitment to offering a perspective,
Boldly putting outside of me,
What may not necessarily
be only
my opinion.
If I didn’t think it offered truth,
I wouldn’t share.

If this bothers you,
I am sorry to disappoint.
Open to open-hearted dialogue,
I take no interest in getting
Bogged down in a slanging match.

Please don’t troll,
Lying in wait under a bridge until you are ready to pounce –
Because that’s what it feels like.

As though you declare that I have no right to share my views,
That news and research are invalid,
And conclusions drawn are mere idiocy.

I don’t hound you this way.

If you truly want to discuss –
I am open,
But when you just want to argue –
I will not play ball.

So let’s agree to disagree,
And if my take on things bothers you that much –
Stop showing up.