Panic Attack 

A sudden switch 

From relative calm to the high breath,  frenetic energy of being frozen inside yourself – 

Swooping in, uninvited and unwanted, 

Attempting to rob me of my peace, 

My rest. 

A predatory bird, who 

having spotted its prey,  

Is determined to feast. 
I fight. 

Sometimes I win. 

Sometimes I can fend it off, but never without a few wounds from frantic pecking. 

A bath, a lie down, a walk, 

Space – 

the option to drop everything for a short while and go. 

Or hide. 

It helps. 
I never lose forever. 

Sometimes I just have to let things go – 

nothing is too important to demand I don’t put a foot on the brake – 

for a while. 

It will pass. 

And thankfully I am not alone. 

You are here, 

And I am grateful.