Racing cars and quality time 

Today Eldest and Husbandman have gone to see the racing at Silverstone. This is because eldest went through a particular streak over the summer of watching Cars and Turbo (big, brilliant animated movies about racing – a car and a snail, respectively), and kept talking about how she intended to go on a trip to Indianapolis US, with a whole bunch of people she kept inviting, in order to watch and participate in the racing.
She is imaginative, generous and immensely determined, so although we tried to help her understand that Indianapolis was too far away and way over any budget for the time being, she wasn’t prepared to let it go.

Around this time, as God would have it, he brought Husbandman into contact with a parent of one of the lads he used to have in his youth group, and who along with her family,  races cars. At Silverstone. Among other places. This lovely woman, heard about Eldest’s interest in racing and promptly offered to help, blessing them with a gifted ticket for the next event they were racing at.

And today is the day.

Eldest went through a bit of an unsure moment, saying she didn’t want to go, but as the day got closer, the prospect of exciting, quality daddy/daughter time became a big draw. She went to bed earlier last night, aware that she was tired and had a big day ahead, and this morning she was zipping about the place pretending to be a racing car and hurrying Husbandman along, impatient to get going. It was gorgeous!

Today will be loud and tiring for her, but she is with her daddy, and experiencing something new, without her younger siblings in tow, and I have no doubt that she will return buzzing and expanded in mind and imagination. And she will have had her love tank filled by the one to one attention.

That is what Husbandman and I  want for our children. The excitement and delight of discovering more of the world, the freedom to go at their own pace in order to do it, and a curiosity about life and people. We don’t want anything to cause them them to lose this- Because surely that is where we begin to die.

For us, the home Ed journey allows us that flexibility, and whilst many parents of school children are equally putting themselves out to provide the same, we are grateful for the gentle pace, and ability to go ‘off timetable’ as little or as often as we need. This week we spent two lunchtime/early afternoons in the woods, messing about outside and exploring, enjoying the last of the good weather. It was wonderful.

Eldest, however, is currently in need of a few more opportunities to expand and explore, and days like today are a wonderful addition to the mix. Apparently she’s having a great time so far- hanging out with her racing posse.

Meanwhile, I am at home with the younger two, pootling and getting on with housework whilst they play and direct much of their own time. And I have the freedom to join in and play with them too. We may go to the park, or build Lego or have whole conversations with Anna and Elsa – or we may just cuddle and read stories. As I write this, I can hear singing…

Whatever happens, I am so blessed by my life and my family. God is indeed very good.