Advent:ure – Connection Challenge 2020


December is upon us tomorrow, and with it all the craziness that is often associated with the season, albeit oddly muted this year. I don’t know about you, but I am feeling mildly disorientated with everything still in various levels of restriction around the UK (and the rest of the world).

I get the sense that there is a certain ‘Stick it to Corona’ vibe around the plans for this year’s festivities, with a desire to make this one the ‘best ever’ in spite of all the upheaval – or even because of it. And I have already seen swathes of photos of homes with their Christmas decorations already up, in a bid to create some festive joy inside, in contrast to the uncertain world outside. I understand.

Our home-made wreath

Personally I prefer to wait until we are at the beginning of the third week of December before decking our halls, but my husband and I engaged in a bit of wreath-making – at the end of last week – a sort of creative date, lead via YouTube link by my old church.
In lieu of being able to meet in person, they sent us the kits and provided the instruction video, and we had the fun of doing the hands on making. I can heartily recommend it. And subsequently our wreath is already up on our front door.

But actually, Advent is the season which leads up to the festivity and joy of Christmas.
It is a time for holding in tension, the now and not yet of longed-for promises. A time of waiting and sitting with the expectation of Christmas before its fulfilment.

Cassie @Create, Perform & Mother

Far from robbing the season of it’s cheer, the restraint of Advent actually extends the season, offering us some much needed peace – possibly somewhat different to your usual experience of December, with it’s frenetic shopping and mad-dash to the finish line. It offers us the much needed breathing time to pause, reflect and re-connect with our own hearts in the darkness, before the burst of light expressed in the Angel’s song over Bethlehem at the birth of the baby Jesus.

We need this breath, and opportunity to look deeply and quietly into our hearts and cultivate what really matters to us – the chance to re-focus our energies on the people and tasks which are actually important.

This year I am launching the

2020 Advent:ure Connection Challenge 

As a means of encouraging us to take the opportunity the season presents, to deepen and grow this sense of three-way connection – to God, to our own hearts and to our people – each day from December 1st-24th, I will be posting a Polaroid Prompt – an image and short description of ideas to help us deepen this connection over the next few weeks.

You definitely don’t need to do all of them, but I’d be delighted if you would have a go, try a few out – as many as appeal to you.

You can follow the posts and prompts on social media using the hashtags #polaroidprompt20 and #AdventConnectionChallenge and I do hope you will take a look and have a go at a few.

However small, each time we make an effort to connect with God or express love to ourselves or those around us, God will take our offering, bless it and increase its effectiveness to bring Him Glory – I hope you will join me. Cassie x