#Day 1 – Hold Hands

In this bizarre season when so many of us have been physically separated from many of our loved ones, the need for physical touch and connection has been keenly felt.

Touch, as an expression of love, is so important to our fundamental make up as human beings, that a long neglect of it can not only be painful, but damaging – something which has been well documented, particularly with regard small, orphaned babies.

There is an incredibly helpful image for describing our individual need for sensory input – which will be different for each of us – as having a small medium or large cup. If you have a tiny cup, you’ll quickly become overwhelmed by too much input, whereas if your cup is very large, it will take a huge amount of sensory input to feel satisfied and right in yourself.

Most of us fall more in the middle of the spectrum, with our various tolerances for sensory input, but each of us have an in-built need for meaningful, respectful and kind touch and affection.

Therefore, whether you have a large, medium or small cup for touch, taking the opportunity to have small bursts of connection in this way will help your relationship with those you care about, both for you and as an act of love towards them.

So today – hold hands with your spouse, or child or friend – use the moment to express your care for them and the fact that you are close. Pay attention to the other person, don’t force it, but let the other person lead, for as long or as little time as you are both comfortable with.

Have a go, the outcome might surprise you.

Cassie x

#AdventConnectionChallenge #polaroidprompt20