#Day 2 – Make Something Festive

This is the time of year, more than any other, where we are encouraged to get creative and crafty!

There is something very satisfying about making something with your hands, especially if you can then display or use it somewhere in your home. We are made in the image and likeness of God, and his creativity is in our DNA, regardless of how skillful (or not) we are, and there is a tremendous joy in functioning from our inherent design as creatives. Where God got his hands dirty and fashioned us out of clay, we can reflect our maker by making something too – even if it is not the smartest piece of work… intention is as much a part of the expression as delivery.

So whether you are on your own, or tackling a task with the kids, why not get out some fancy pens and paper, or glue and sticky bits, or get into the kitchen and make or bake something festive to hang on your tree, send to a loved one or re-home in your stomach – go on, give it a go, it might even be fun.

And let me know in the comments, how you got on, and any pictures would be a delight to see!

Cassie x

#AdventConnectionChallenge #polaroidprompt20