#Day 3 – Go For A Solo Walk

In the hustle of this season with all it’s preparation and planning, it can be easy to become overwhelmed, especially if the environment you are in is full of people.

So leave the phone (so long as you don’t need the GPS) and earbuds at home, and take the opportunity to go for a good 40 minute quiet walk (or whatever you can manage).

Go somewhere natural, where it is more isolated – although there can be real beauty and anonymity in an urban setting – and really allow yourself to reflect on how you are feeling, what is worrying you, and what you are hoping for.

If you are in the habit of it, tell God about these things, offload them to him – he is more than able to handle whatever you throw at him and whilst the situation rarely improves instantly, your perspective will shift a little, and He will exchange your worry for his deep peace.

Taking space for silence and solitude is vital for all of us, regardless of whether we are introverts or extroverts, and in our generally hectic and connected world, unplugging for a short while, and leaving the gadgets – which do so much to compete for our attention – behind, gives us the real freedom to tune in to our souls.

Expressing grattitude for what is good, and voicing our pain, both allow us to release some of our tension, and help us to find more joy and peace in the present.

Where will you walk?

Hope you have fun,

Cassie x

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