#Day 4 – Dance Around The Room

Dancing is so good for your soul and body!

Even if you think of yourself as a rubbish dancer, there is much joy to be had by being silly and throwing some shapes – in fact, in some cases, the worse the shapes, the better the fun!

You are not just a spirit and soul, your mind and emotions are housed in this tent we call a body, and everything we do is inter-connected – even when we are so out of practise that moving expressively to music feels awkward and embarrassing.
Plus, when we allow ourselves to give expression to our joy and praise through movement, it glorifies God and edifies us.

If you really can’t face company, then of course you can dance alone, but your young kids will love it when you dance with them, uninhibited by your self-consciousness, your older kids will probably be embarrassed at first – but DO IT ANYWAY!

Dancing releases endorphins, it shakes us out of our heads, and it makes us giggle and smile…
This world is full of enough troubles as it is, we need to enjoy ourselves and let our hair down for a few minutes each day and let go of all our cares – they will still be there when we stop, but in time that we are moving – however daft we look or feel – we wont be thinking of our troubles.

Particularly the more you practise this, the more will bond with your spouse and your kids.
So pick a favourite, upbeat track, find a bit of space, and with or without your kids – go nuts for the length of a song – you can stop then, or carry on if you find you actually enjoyed it. Watch your kids faces… the younger ones anyhow… there will be joy.

NB. This is actually something which my family does regularly (often on a Sunday evening when tidying up – or just for fun), and even for my husband, who is much more self conscious than I am, and a self-professed non-dancer, it is one of the highlights of our family life – it really boosts our connectedness to each other.

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