#Day 5 – Stop for a Cuppa & a Chapter

How often do you allow yourself to actually stop?

If work always expands to fill the available time, then our to do lists will never be entirely complete.
So if we are waiting until we have finished before allowing ourselves time to rest, we will never stop.

Rest is so important, as is switching off our brains.
But the idea of extended reading can feel so daunting, particularly if we either have, or feel as though we have little time.
Yet the prospect of stopping for a mere twenty minutes plus, with a hot cup of tea and only a chapter to read – well that feels more manageable.
And less like we are cheating on our workload… or is that just me?

So what book have you been putting off starting? Or are you part way through something you never quite get around to finishing?
Give yourself the length of a time it takes to drink a cup of something hot, and just go ahead and tackle that chapter. The chance to stop and dream into another world, will energise you and you’ll be more effective with your energies for the rest of your day.

So what are you going to read today?


Cassie x

#AdventConnectionChallenge #polaroidprompt20