#Day 6 – Light A Candle & Lift A Prayer

There is something magical about candlelight.
The softness and flicker which bathes the world of darkness in a warming, living light, seems to take the hard edges off the world and also my heart as I pause and listen to the occasional sputter of the flame.

There is however nothing magical about praying with candles.
They hold no extra charge or spell, except on the mood of the one who prays, but there is something in the way that they tenaciously fight off the darkness, despite their small size, which moves me to let go of my fight for control and opens my heart more fully to the whispers of God.

Tonight, as it gets dark, take a few minutes to light a candle and offer up a prayer for someone you know, someone who could really do with the extra support right now.
Be specific. If you are not sure exactly what is needed, sit with God for a bit and listen for his insight, and you will begin to sense what to ask for on their behalf.

Or you won’t get a specific sense, that doesn’t matter, you paused and waited long enough to listen. So ask for whatever you think is best.
God knows it all anyhow, but he loves it when we partner with him.

Prayer can often feel feeble compared with the desire to offer practical help, but prayer is powerful -it creates a way in the heavenly realms that will be felt on earth.

Standing and speaking to God, on behalf of someone else, who perhaps cannot speak for themselves right now, is a noble and beautiful action.
It is what intercession is all about.

As we pray, we connect to the loving-one who made us, the world and everything in it, and we connect to those we pray for too, even when they have no idea we are doing so.

So as you pause, and pray – enjoy the stillness and intimacy of the candlelight, and know that you are heard. The person you are praying for is seen and love is on the way.

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