#Day 7 – Wrap A Little Encouragement

Presents are wonderful, and receiving a beautifully wrapped present is always such a delight, you appreciate the care and time that has gone into the process.

How much lovelier to find an encouraging word, specifically affirming you written on to your wrapping paper or tag?

I grew up with my parents writing affirming words in our birthday cards and shorter little notes of love on our Christmas presents – well it was my mum on the presents, and it was always nice to read. It mattered to my mum and it encouraged me, though I admit that it perhaps only slowed my brothers down in their desire to open the gift.
My uncle and aunt always write birthday messages exhorting us to keep reaching for all that God has for us, and to keep resting in his love.
This is something that I know I have chosen to copy – even when my cards contain mini-essays 🙂 and I have been told that those words are treasured – not because of my fancy-pants writing flare, lol, but because the words were heart-felt and genuine and encouraged them to keep growing and hoping.

However, encouraging one another is a beautiful and Godly thing to do. God will always encourage us, fill us with peace and rebuke us with kindness – he is never harsh, and his words have great impact, making us stronger, softer and ultimately more like him – Love.

If we are made in his image, then our words have power to change hearts and lives too – even in small ways – and we should utilise this gift well.

Perhaps the recipient of your gift has show real courage in the face of difficulty this year – tell them so. Or maybe they have had a big breakthrough, and you can praise their tenacity and perseverance. Or maybe, this person is always so kind to you in the way they consider your feelings – thank them and tell them what it means to you.
The note doesn’t have to be an essay, just a couple of lines, and while it will hopefully bless your recipient, it will also encourage you to think more deeply about each person and why they are a blessing in your life.

Happy writing,

Cassie xx