#Day 10 – Deck The Halls With Boughs of Holly

You may have already decked your halls.
Or perhaps like me, you are waiting for December to be a little further along before you decorate your house and declare Christmas officially open.

Either way, going out and finding something natural that you pick yourselves, and bringing it in to your home, is a wonderful way of bringing some of the outside world indoors. Plus, having that holly above your door frame, or spruce branch artfully framing your windows will add some wonderful colour to the house and will definitely increase your festive cheer.

Taking a child or children to hunt for the best sprigs, can provide a wonderful opportunity for bonding and game play, as well as creating beautiful memories and getting some much needed outdoor time.
So why not have a look down your street, in your local woods or park, and see what treasures you can find. Then bring them home and enjoy the creativity and togetherness, of arranging where you will place them.

Damp wood and branches will need to be dried out, either in the oven or possibly the airing cupboard, but not on top of your towels, as you won’t want any bugs that may be living on your foraged goodies to make their home there.
And also (hopefully obviously), don’t nab anything from private land without permission, and if tackling holly, some thick gloves are definitely in order.
But if you pay close attention, you’ll probably be surprised by what you can find nearby.

Happy foraging,

Cassie x

#AdventConnectionChallenge #polaroidprompt20