#11 Leave a Little Love Note

I don’t know about you, but I love receiving words of love, whether romantic, familial or of friendship.

It can be the little moment in a day which lifts my mood.
Perhaps some words in a text or on a post-it note from my husband, telling me that he loves me and why, or saying that he thinks I’m doing well.
Equally, when one of my children draws me a picture and says to me –
“Mummy that’s you and that’s me, and that’s you hugging me. And I think you’re the best mummy in the world!” – That note is a treasure to melt my heart.
Or a little note arrives through the post – from a friend, simply saying something sweet – and it brings a smile to my face.
Texts are a fabulous invention, and the words are still a blessing, but I think there is something particularly special about a hand-written note.

In this Advent season, why not take the opportunity to encourage one another with little notes of love and care?

Tell a friend how much you value their friendship.
Write to your husband, expressing why you think he’s a wonderful man and a good father and what you most love about him.

Or as your children go off to school in the morning, consider leaving them a little note in their lunchbox, so that when they open their sandwiches, they find note from you saying that you’re proud of them and that you can’t wait to see them and hug them later.

Connection and trust are not usually built by big dramatic events – although such occasions can do much to cement it – but by small, consistent acts of care and attention. Little things which communicate love, and kindness, and the fact that we are seen and cherished.
Something we all need to hear and often.

So, who will you write to?
Let’s spend ourselves on that self-giving love, the same love beautifully illustrated by the self-giving love of God becoming a baby in the manger.

Happy writing.

Cassie x

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