#Day 15 – Furnish A Foodbank

In the lead up to Christmas it’s becomes very clear to me, that while we might struggle to make our budgets stretch and get everything ready in time, over here in the west, many of us are incredibly blessed. I know that I am.
We have food, we have a warm home and we have people to spend the holidays with.

But for many people around the world, that isn’t true.
Even closer to home here in the UK, we have many people living just below the poverty line – those for whom the difference of £20 in their universal credit allowance will be the deciding factor on whether or not they can feed their families.
At this time of year especially – although as a nation we have a bigger obligation to people struggling – I am hugely grateful for the work of the local and national food banks, who are supplying people with food – a basic necessity.

So, depending on what your budget is, I invite you, next time you go shopping -whether in person or online, to try setting aside between £1 and £10 (more if you are in a position to) and shop for someone else. Put that food in the nearest food bank collection point, whether at a shop or church or local community centre.

And while can be tempting to buy basic pasta, or things at the cheaper end of the scale, if you are able, why not choose to bless someone else with something of the highest quality you can manage. How wonderful to bless someone with food that will nourish their health and hearts, rather than simply fill up a hole in their stomach.

That giant bar of dairy milk, could easily turn that into a tin of organic tomatoes and a packet of lentils. And if you can spend more, then try and pick out the equivalent of what you would choose for your own family.

If you really cannot get to a local foodbank, then consider donating to The Trussell Trust they have local reach.

We have the opportunity multiply the reach of our own blessings, by choosing to share them with others. And it is a beautiful and important opportunity to model to our children in the process.

With love,


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