#Day 16 – Build Something Together

When was the last time you made something with your hands and played with it?

Perhaps it was only a couple of days ago, or perhaps you cannot remember.

Today’s challenge is to get down on the floor with your kids, or with your spouse if you don’t have kids yet, and build something from scratch just for the fun of it.
It might be a fort or a den, using sofa cushions, end tables and blankets – if so, take a drink or a book inside once it is finished, and enjoy playing in your creation together.

Maybe you have the parts for a marble run. In which case, enjoy the wonder or physics, as you see those little balls of coloured glass, playfully race along the path you have made for them.

Or why not get out the Lego, or the mega- blocks or simply some wooden blocks and see what marvels you can create? Then decide upon the story of who lives there – and play it out.

Because the art of building things with our hands is something that is so easily lost in the daily grind – unless of course it is our job- but being in contact with raw materials reminds us of what it means to be human in a human body. We are tactile and tangible, and in the process of making something, there is an obvious, visual payoff for our efforts, offering a rich sense of satisfaction.

And it’s even better when that process is collaborative.

If your child wants to make something separate, then that is ok too. Respect their space and make something alongside one another – it’s still connected, and has an element of collaboration that builds relationship.

So resist the urge to dictate how it will go, instead simply allow yourselves to discover together what you are making. The discovery and surprise at the end, when we don’t try to control it all, is worth the challenge of being present in the moment.

And of course, your kids will delight in the fact that Mummy wants to play too.

Happy building,

Cassie x

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