# Day 21 – Walk with your family

This winter seems to have been largely dreary and wet or oddly mild – at least it has where we are.
Getting out for a walk can be so difficult when the days are short and dark, cold and wet, and everyone is tired.

It is the end of a looooong year and we are all feeling the strain of 2020 in various ways, and whilst it can be tempting to just hole up indoors – and that definitely has it’s place – it is always hugely beneficial to go outdoors and get some fresh air.

So why not tog everyone up in their most weather-suitable gear, and all go for a walk together, even for half an hour?

It could be around your village or town to see the Christmas lights, or maybe you live near a beautiful park or stretch of countryside – so why not get out and blow those cobwebs away?

Talk, chase each other and hold hands – notice what’s around you, and share your observations, enjoy the feel of the sunshine, the breeze, or even the rain on your face.
And then head home, get warm and dry and treat yourselves to a hot drink and a mince pie.
You will all feel better for it and when you have braved the elements, cuddles in the warm with favourite snacks can feel so much more cosy and delightful.
Go on, give it a go.

Happy walking,

Cassie x

#AdventConnectionChallenge #Polaroidprompt20