#Day 22 – Have A Nap

The last few days of Advent can go by in a blur… Christmas is almost here and regardless of how planned you are, there always seem to be last minute things to get ready.
It can be exhausting.

The last thing you want, is to be so tired during the actual festivities that you cannot enjoy yourself. After all, these days you have worked so hard for, will fly by quickly enough, and if you are worrying about everything, or too tired and worn out from all your preparations, you will be unable to be truly present in the very moments you have been looking forward to.

So take a nap.

It’s not selfish, and it’s not actually impossible to take some time time for sleep – although depending on your home circumstances, it may be very tricky – but you need to plan it in.
Agree with your spouse about when you will each create space for the other, to each have an hour or two of rest and nap time (preferably on more than one occasion), over the next couple of days

and then actually take it!

You will be better for the rest and the relaxed space, even if you don’t manage to drop off properly. There is an art to choosing which tasks to prioritise, as you cannot do everything and especially not at once, but some things are less important than others, and if you are not fit and well, or rested sufficiently, you won’t be able to do the things you need to do well.

If you have just one baby, surrender to sleep whilst they nap. Go off to bed for a couple of hours in the morning or afternoon. Take the opportunity for a really early night, or simply crash out on the sofa whilst everyone is happily watching a Christmas movie.
However you do it – rest before the party.
You will enjoy it so much more.

May you sleep well,

Cassie x

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