Kindness, Grace, and Personal Space with a Family of Five + Baby under Lockdown

This was a guest post over at ‘Questions Of Calling’.

How do you connect to your own soul, when there is nowhere quiet and peaceful to go?

In the years prior to the birth of our second son, life for our family of five—two girls, ages 6 and 3, one son, aged 5—was intense. We had lost our fourth child to a late miscarriage three years prior, immediately following an extended time of homelessness when we stayed with friends and family for a few weeks at a time and during a particularly toxic season of work for my husband. We home educate, which means that my kids are almost always with me, and the younger two are autistic—still in nappies and have difficulties with language and sleep.


In that season, when things would get too frustrating or I wrestled again with depression and grief, I would walk along a beautiful canal or a breathtaking estate nearby. This offered the chance to talk to God, or shout at him when I was really fed up, knowing that the silence and solitude available to me were in the company of the One who brings healing and restoration. As a physical person, I process better on the move, so these walks were a lifeline….

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