The In-Between

Bright green,
with a scent – sweet in the warm air of this summer evening –
I pause,
inhaling the welcoming smell of the clearing,
hearing birdsong in every direction,
occasionally joined by the sound of a train, or plane,
the bark of a dog,
or chatter of friends whose words float towards me as I sit.

I am restless and still in equal measure –
treasuring the peace,
the anchor of solid ground beneath my feet,
and hungry for the siren call of the limitless sky above my head.

Yearning for adventure and home,
To roam and rest,
Longing for the best of my life right here and now,
Yet keenly aware that there is always more just out of sight.

I seem to inhabit the ambivalent divide of melancholy and joy.

My highs are high,
Reverberating boldly round the mountains of my life,
Resonating far and wide,
Encouraging and inspiring,
Brave and daring.
I stretch out for the more on the horizon that I’m certain I was made to reach.

Yet my lingering, longing for home and safety –
A place to curl up with my tears,
Dreams and fears,
Where I tread barefoot,
Blanketed by love,
The comfort for my weary soul, heavy with the ache for resolution –
Is still unsatisfied.

I straddle the in-between,
and have to surrender to the now.