Choose Hope

silhouette of woman at blue sea inside black cave during daytime
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When floundering in a whirl of woes and words,
uncertain how to pick the best path –
the one where your feet don’t slip,
tripping you up,
twisting your ankle,
thankless and painful,
hurtling you headlong into a quagmire –

When struggling with frustrations and fears,
ears which don’t hear,
eyes that don’t see you,
can’t understand you,
or won’t meet you where you are –
far from friends extending compassion,
facing irrational anger,
and grief –
with no relief-watch to show up,
to guard your dreams,
hold back the tide of extremes –

As knives of shame cut you in two,
their icy incision chilling your wits,
leaving you stuck,
impotent in indecision –

You face a head on collision,
with the finite precision
of death.

who you thought you were –
and who you really are –
stand naked and exposed –
and the revelation of such disparity
with it’s cruel and agonizing clarity,
threatens to swallow you whole,
as you contemplate your reason for being.

It’s so tempting to sink under the weight,
to close your eyes and despair –
where the lying embrace of dark arms promise relief in oblivion –


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There is freedom to be found –
the hound of heaven chases your soul to it’s death,
that you might find life.

This death –
which takes courage and surrender –
already took place,
to create the space
for you to lose face,
and find love.

Stop claiming your own sovereignty,
admit your insolvency,
accept His generosity,
let him love you unconditionally,
clothe you with luminosity,
and walk you closely
into a life of new meaning and velocity –

Take up the offer,
dismiss your inner scoffer,
release your hold,
die to the old –
grasp the hand that pulls you free,
and choose to live.

In short –
choose Hope.