I’m Cassie, I’m a Wife, Mother of 4 (+1), Jesus lover, Professional Actress & Singer, Poet, Writer, Home-educator and all round creative.
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The In-Between

Bright green,with a scent – sweet in the warm air of this summer evening –I pause,inhaling the welcoming smell of the clearing,hearing birdsong in every direction,occasionally joined by the sound of a train, or plane,the bark of a dog,or chatter of friends whose words float towards me as I sit. I am restless and still…

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Small creative things to help you feel like yourself…

When you’re a mum and you’re dealing with children (especially little ones), it can be really easy to lose sight of your creative self. Whether that’s because you just don’t have time, or because you are no longer working in the field you used to, where you got your creative outlet – there are often…

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Outside, Inside, & Stillness

How often do you just sit outside in the garden, assuming you have one that is, and just listen to the birds? How often do you simply watch your children play? Sometimes I can get so caught up in the busyness of my day-to-day – even though my general day’s are not exceptionally busy, I…

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5 Tips On Encouragement

We all need encouragement. Encouragement is so important for growth and development, and for building confidence and mastery, especially when you’re a mum and you get no real feedback. Anyone who worries that too much encouragement makes for arrogance and big-headedness is missing the point, and living with a a fear of scarcity. So here…

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Surrendering Future

Dreaming of my children’s future can really muddle my head. This is partly because two of my children have special needs, so the ability to imagine what their future might look like is doubly hard, because there are so many extra factors to consider – such as ‘When will they be out of nappies?‘ and…

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De-Constructing My Convenience

Lately, I have been realising just how often I have sacrificed the tender hearts of my children on the altar of my convenience. Dramatic thought? Possibly… but I have noticed how I can become frustrated with them for being who they are – immature, but whole human beings, who need me to be their loving…

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“Live in the moment and make it so beautiful that it will be worth remembering.”

Fanny Crosby

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