Hi There, I’m Cassie –
please allow me to introduce myself…

I first went on stage aged five – it was a short dance, I got to wear a beautiful Victorian-style nightdress made by my mother, and I loved every minute of it!
I kept performing locally, and at fourteen, I realised that I didn’t want to have to stop – so I became a professional actor.

I also knew from a very early age, that I wanted to be a wife and mother – preferably of a big family. I wanted to be a vibrant presence at the heart of my home – fully alive and fully creatively me.

I had a fantastic and hugely challenging three years training, on the Acting course at the Royal Central School of Speech & Drama, and have since worked in the industry as both an actress and singer.

Just over a year after graduating, I met my husband, and a few years later we had our first daughter.
We now have four wonderful kids currently between 9 and 1, two of whom are autistic with varying additional needs.
We also have one additional baby daughter waiting for us in heaven.

We Home Educate our kids, so I get to spend my days, learning and growing alongside four of my five, favourite people – BUT because my passion for performing is something that refuses to die in me – I now get creative, squeezing occasional bits of performing work in the tiny gaps available.

My heart has always been 100% for marriage & family – engaging in it wholeheartedly.
It has also been 100% passionate about storytelling and performing.
I’m convinced that we are made for creativity, and that our gifts and skills are given to fulfill a unique purpose.

The world needs us to be the fullest, most authentic version of ourselves, boldly bringing our voices and hearts to the table, so we need to be fully connected to what truly matters to us.
It needs us to challenge the lie that there is only so much room at the top, and that we women are in competition with one another.

Collaboration over competition every time!

For me, to be my fully authentic self means to love and mother my children with all the quirkiness, vibrancy and passion I have within my heart. It also means deepening my understanding and creativity, performing, and talking – how I love to talk – about how there is always more joy & freedom to discover.

Your authentic self will be unique to you – offering your individual gifts, experience and perspective.

I believe that by learning to respect our new limits and boundaries as mothers, we can discover plenty of room to develop our art -and bless the world through our expressions of love and creativity – without sacrificing connection to our family.

Create, Perform & Mother is here because I want to help you discover freedom to own your creative relevance, and make high-quality work, at a pace which is conducive to connected family life.

Our world needs the voices – the perspective, creativity and specific genius – of mothers. Will you raise yours too?

With love and blessings,
Cassie x

“There is always more!”

Sr Nancy Keller

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