Welcome to Create, Perform & Mother

Do you miss the deep connections you make during the process of working in live performance?

Do you feel that there is real crossover between that world, and this season of investing deeply in raising your family?
Me too.

I want to help you connect the dots between these two, seemingly separate worlds, so that you keep deepening your creative connection to life,
and continue making meaningful work and intentional family relationships.
I help you do that by encouraging you to:

1. Continually sharpen your creative skills –
By paying attention to the many opportunities to make meaningful connections in your daily life, and reflecting on what they can show you about your art and your relationships.

2. Realise that the current season of life you are in is precious –
That you have NOT lost your place at the creative table,
and that the deep work you are doing in seeming obscurity,
is both valuable and desperately needed.

3. Believe that you can learn to be content with where you are –
By really leaning in to your circumstances and trusting that the best is never behind you,
Believing that putting intentional family first, will never cost you your creativity,
although it might change the shape it takes.

Hey there,
My name is Cassie and I am a wife, mother four gorgeous, home-educated children, a professional actress and singer, and I am committed to extending my own creative skills, making meaningful work and growing in empathy as I navigate this extended season of full time, motherhood. I am also a woman of faith which informs every area of my life, so its thread is woven throughout my performing, writing, speaking and podcasting.

I am passionate about helping people live into their own creativity, build strong families, look to see hope and be the fullest, freest version of themselves they were made to be.

So, how I can help YOU achieve the life you long for?

That life which allows you to find your best way to make the meaningful work you care about, alongside intentionally growing your strong and deeply connected family?

Get in touch, I would love to hear from you!

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“There is no nobler career than that of motherhood at its best”

-Elizabeth Elliot

Get in touch:

I’d love to hear how you are developing your creative practice. What projects are you working on around your family life, and what are the key challenges you face trying to navigate the two worlds?
Do drop me an email, or leave a comment.

Email : cassie@createperformandmother.com


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